Sexy Loser Challenge

It’s almost 1 AM on Monday morning and I am starving! My stomach is gurgling and my mouth is salivating for some chips or cookies. This is a problem! I should go straight to bed but my body is yelling, “FEED ME!!!”  UGH!

What do I do? Eat, sleep, watch Youtube videos?!?!? My mind is flashing images of food my body does not need: McDonald’s french fries, sour cream potato chips, chocolate bars. >_<

So, here I am writing my first blog entry on my weight loss journey. I am over-weight. This is a true fact that came straight from my doctor. Currently, I am at the heaviest that I have ever weighed: 180 pounds. At 5’3″, I should weigh approximately 120 pounds. Here is a brief history about me: until my Freshman year of college I was pretty active (played basketball, weight lifted, did Karate); ate mostly healthy foods (barely any FAST FOODS); and weighed 110 to 115 pounds. Then at the age of 20, I needed to buy bigger sized clothing, ate Pizza Hut on a weekly basis, and stopped hitting the gym.

Now, twelve years later I suffer from acid-reflux, a fatty liver, danger of being diabetic and a super low self-esteem. I should not be having these issues at the “young” age of 32! So, why am I spilling all this information to you? Simple. I need to change my lifestyle: eat healthier, exercise, and lose weight. Join me on the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE!

JLovesMac1 began a Youtube series on her channel called “Sexy Loser.” She posts videos on how to get a toned body, eat right and change the way you think about food and working out. I was so inspired that I wanted to start a blog series about my weight loss journey. I plan to post what I eat, what kind of exercise I did that day, and other health related information on a daily basis.  Will you join me on the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE?


10 thoughts on “Sexy Loser Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you for posting this. Admitting to the world how much you weigh is a big deal. It’s hold you accountable! I am so excited to read your posts along the way. I’m with you chicka…let’s get healthy together!

    • good morning, love! you are such an inspiration. im going to mention you in my blog & about your butt lift beauties. is that ok? wanted to get your permission first. xoxo.

    • Thanks Rosal! And thank you for joining me on this journey. This will probably one of the top five most difficult things I will face, but I need to do it. My health is progressively getting worse and my weight is just increasing. I would love to know what you eat and how you workout. Check back tonight. I will have another post.

  2. You go, Chie! You have serious cajones and are going to be super successful on your journey! You’ve definitely inspired me to be more health-conscious. ❤

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