WEEK 2: Measurements & Body Fat %

As you might know, I have not been posting my daily calories and workout routine on my blog.  Last week I created a Facebook Group called, “Sexy Loser.”


Everyday I have been posting my calorie intake and whether I worked out or not. Anyone can comment, ask a question or just say, “hi!”

Well, without further adieu here are my measurements, body fat and current profile pictures as of July 25, 2012 :

  • Weight: 179 pounds
  • Body Fat: 38.4%
  • Chest: 43 inches
  • Arm: 13 inches
  • Waist: 41.5 inches
  • Hip: 43.5 inches
  • Thigh: 21 inches

After seeing these numbers, I wanted to eat a Nacho Bell Grande from Taco Bell and crawl into my bed! That would have been the easy and old solution, but instead I ate a healthy lunch and worked out with my personal trainer. Last week, which was my first week doing the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE, was a very difficult 7 days. I constantly had to remind myself to eat healthy and not revert to my bad eating habits. Hopefully, as the weeks progress, it will become natural for me to eat foods that are better for me.


DAY 1: A New Beginning

I am absolutely exhausted! Four hours of sleep is not enough. I just ate a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal with some sliced almonds. That seemed to help my hunger issues. Last night I ate a turkey sandwich on white bread. I think that white carbohydrates makes me hungrier the next day and does not keep me full. >_< Gotta remember that and only eat brown carbs. So, today is my first day of the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE. I plan to walk Daisy, my dog, workout with a friend and eat about 1,400 calories of healthy foods. Here is my meal plan for the day:


30 minute workout. You’ll need weights and water. Review?
  • Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal with sliced almonds: 250 calories, 9.5g fat
  • Amy’s Veggie Frozen Meal Lasagna:250 calories, 5g fat
  • Rice & Bean Chips, Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip: 210 calories, 12g fat
  • Apple & Laughing Cow Light Cheese: 150 calories, 4g fat
  • Egg Whites, Sausages, and White Rice: 550 calories, 20g fat —————————————————————————————-
  • TOTAL CALORIES: 1410 calories, 50.5g fat
One of my favorite places to go grocery shopping. Do you wanna see "What's in my grocery bag?" blog post?

One of my favorite places to go grocery shopping. Do you wanna see “What’s in my grocery bag?” blog post?

What do you plan on doing today? Feel free to leave comments on what you ate, what kind of workouts you did, or how you are just doing. Good luck sexy losers!

Sexy Loser Challenge

It’s almost 1 AM on Monday morning and I am starving! My stomach is gurgling and my mouth is salivating for some chips or cookies. This is a problem! I should go straight to bed but my body is yelling, “FEED ME!!!”  UGH!

What do I do? Eat, sleep, watch Youtube videos?!?!? My mind is flashing images of food my body does not need: McDonald’s french fries, sour cream potato chips, chocolate bars. >_<

So, here I am writing my first blog entry on my weight loss journey. I am over-weight. This is a true fact that came straight from my doctor. Currently, I am at the heaviest that I have ever weighed: 180 pounds. At 5’3″, I should weigh approximately 120 pounds. Here is a brief history about me: until my Freshman year of college I was pretty active (played basketball, weight lifted, did Karate); ate mostly healthy foods (barely any FAST FOODS); and weighed 110 to 115 pounds. Then at the age of 20, I needed to buy bigger sized clothing, ate Pizza Hut on a weekly basis, and stopped hitting the gym.

Now, twelve years later I suffer from acid-reflux, a fatty liver, danger of being diabetic and a super low self-esteem. I should not be having these issues at the “young” age of 32! So, why am I spilling all this information to you? Simple. I need to change my lifestyle: eat healthier, exercise, and lose weight. Join me on the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE!

JLovesMac1 began a Youtube series on her channel called “Sexy Loser.” She posts videos on how to get a toned body, eat right and change the way you think about food and working out. I was so inspired that I wanted to start a blog series about my weight loss journey. I plan to post what I eat, what kind of exercise I did that day, and other health related information on a daily basis.  Will you join me on the SEXY LOSER CHALLENGE?